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In the spring of 2017, Rina started her collection of works called "Mended with Gold," inspired by the Japanese tradition called "Kintsugi," a practice of repairing broken objects with gold, and by the Jewish concept “Tikkun Olam,” defined by acts of kindness performed to repair the world.  In the spirit of “Kintsugi,” instead of discarding broken objects, Japanese artists accentuate cracks using precious metals, embracing imperfections and giving these objects new life.  The Jewish tradition of “Tikkun Olam” encourages partnering with the Divine and the humanity to take steps towards helping others to improve the World. Rina finds these ideas incredibly moving and inspiring.

 “I believe our world is in need of repair - there is too much hate, there is too much uncertainty, too much heartbreak and too many things breaking or already broken. My intention is to use my art to make a positive difference in the world by giving away my paintings in exchange for donations to various organizations.”

 – artist Rina Koshkina


Since 2019, Rina has been working on what she calls a  "Joy" collection to support the same ideas. These works are done in acrylic paints.  

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